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Inphenix offers SOAs, FP-Lasers and Photodetectors to the Telecommunications industry.

Inphenix manufactures Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs), Fabry-Perot Lasers and Photodetectors for critical applications in optical networking including CWDM, MAN, FTTH PON, and CATV. Our SOAs are used in Pre-Amplification, Booster Amplification, Switching and Wavelength Conversion applications. Our FP Lasers can feature proprietary SSC (Spot Size Converter) technology that enables greater integration capability and higher coupling efficiency with superior electro-optical and temperature performance.

We can also provide Analog and Digital Photodetectors with TFF (Thin Film Filter) to reduce testing and integration cost while providing greater isolation performance. Our Gain Chips are used in External Cavity Lasers (ECL) and in Fiber Bragg Grating Lasers (FBGL).

Inphenix's telecom products are designed and subjected to stringent Telcordia reliability tests and are qualified for the most demanding high-performance optical networking applications.

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