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InPhenix's Superluminescent Diodes deliver stable, broad wavelengths from 700nm to 1650nm with short coherence lengths ideal for applications in optical coherence tomography, biomedical imaging systems, fiber optic sensors, and optical test instruments.
Superluminescent Diode Devices
InPhenix Superluminescent Diodes are optimized to function as broadband light sources in applications including optical coherence tomography, biomedical imaging systems, fiber optic sensors and optical test instruments. InPhenix's Superluminescent Diodes cover wavelengths ranging from 700nm to 1650nm.

Superluminescent Diode Board
InPhenix also offers an Superluminescent Diode evaluation board that provides all of the control circuitry for evaluating InPhenix's Superluminescent Diode devices.

Broadband Light Source Modules
Plug-and-Play readiness of Inphenix SLD Modules makes them ideal for the optical subsystem manufacturer. Compact and protected, they are easily mountable within the OEM's own branded chassis. The integrated current driver and thermo-electric cooler are operable with supply of 5 Volts. The light output may be via continuous internal-to-external fiber or by optical fiber adapter for removable pigtail interconnectivity. Central wavelength windows of operability range from 700nm to 1650nm, delivering high power densities across wide FWHM bandwidths.



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